The Squeaky Penny

Making Every Penny Count

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Tomato and Bell Pepper Buckets are ready.  5 gal. buckets with 1" coarse pebbles on the bottom and 4-5 1/4" holes drilled on the sides 1/2" from bottom.  Then rich composted topsoil and cages.  [L-R]: 1st row of 4 will be planted with Early Girl Tomatoes.  2nd row of 4 will be planted with Prolific 100s.  3rd row of 4 will be planted with California Wonder Bell Peppers.   
Carrot and Strawberry Raised Beds.  Beds are made from white wood (not-pressure treated) and measure 4 feet by 4 feet.  You do not want to go larger for square beds because it will be difficult to reach the middle when harvesting.  Each is filled with rich composted top soil. Carrots will be on the LEFT and Strawberries will be on the RIGHT.

I am so excited about these bamboo teepee trellises which will support our Florida Speckled Butter Beans. There are a total of 4 teepee trellises which measure 4 feet by 4 feet at the base and consist of 8 bamboo poles per teepee that measure 6 1/2 feet.  I will plant several seeds at the base of each pole.  The soil will be tilled and fluffed before I plant.

The cucumber fence is ready to go!  I have planted cucumbers on fences and bush types in rows.  I will NEVER plant cucumber without a fence support ever again!  (my opinion)  Always put your "wall" at the North end of your garden.  This year I used bamboo poles as my supports and the netting is manufactured by BURPEE.  I really wanted to try these nets because they were not metal and they were affordable at $4.00 each and I used 3 for a 30 foot run.  In front you can see where I am experimenting with my soaker hose which will be used throughout my ENTIRE garden this year.  Like the Butter Beans' soil, it will be tilled and fluffed before I plant.

Potato and Dwarf Pea Raised Beds.  Constructed the same way as the carrot/strawberry beds.  However, we installed 2 rows of supporting lattice for the Dwarf Peas to grow on.  Potatoes on the LEFT and Little Marvel Dwarf Peas on the RIGHT.  (FYI: the handsome little man in the back is my Ethan- 7 yrs old)